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Airport Procedures

Airport Procedures


To ensure a timely and hassle-free experience, please read through this guide!

1. Your Aaron’s driver will arrive within 30 minutes of your touchdown time (45 minutes if traveling internationally). We will make our best effort to monitor your flight information in order to anticipate your needs. If you or your flight is delayed beyond the aforementioned time frame, please call us at (815) 741-5400 or (815) 666-2090. 

                     Track your flight information here: Flight Aware

2. Make a reservation with Aaron’s for timely and professional airport pick-ups and drop-offs! Contact us for a reservation.

3. Upon claiming your luggage, please call us to alert your Aaron’s dispatcher of your exit door.

4. Your Aaron’s dispatcher will provide you with your driver’s name, vehicle description, and license number. The dispatcher will also specify which island to meet your driver at.

5. Your driver will *proceed to meet you on the lower level. 

*Normal pickup times are typically 8 – 12 minutes after your call, depending upon airport congestion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click the commonly asked questions below to learn more about our procedures.

What if my arriving flight is delayed?

  • If you are delayed at your departure city for more than one hour, please call us to assure that you are on your original flight (or of the new flight number, if you changed flights). This will ensure your peace of mind that we are still picking you up, and will provide us with a clearer picture of your arrival time, especially since we track your flight numbers to anticipate your arrival.
  • There typically is no additional waiting charge for weather or airport delays. We understand that this is something completely out of your control.
  • We try our best to anticipate your arrival time and are prepared to pick you up as quickly as airport conditions allow.

What if I need to cancel a reservation?

  • Call us and let us know as soon as you know! Reservations cancelled less than 48-hours in advance will result in being charged the full fare.

Do you charge a no-show fee?

  • Our dispatch team will be tracking your flight information based upon the information you provide us with at the time of your reservation. There will be a driver awaiting your arrival and on standby at the airport. If you do not contact us at least 3 hours before your scheduled arrival time, your driver will not wait and you will be charged for the full fare.
  • We must be notified of any and all cancellations at least 48-hours in advance. Failure to cancel your reservation at least 48-hours prior to your pickup time will result in being charged the full fare.

If I arrive very late at night or very early in the morning, will my rate be affected?

  • Yes. Arrival rates are quoted based upon flight time(s) at the time of reservation. Arrivals between the hours of 11 pm – 5:30 am may be charged an additional fee or be charged at a higher rate.

Do you meet passengers at the gate?

  • Due to increased airport security, we can no longer meet our clients at the gate. Any people without a ticket are no longer allowed beyond security.
  • We do offer a special VIP service and can meet you at the baggage claim area. This service MUST be prearranged and will result in an additional fee. Contact us for more information.
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